Sunday, January 10, 2010

First 10km in a while

and it went awesome! Looking back, November when I was training for the Wanganui Half Marathon is the last time I ran my usual 10km block - back then I was still struggling to get under an hour, a couple times I did, couple times I was just over. Today, 56:24!! Wow, I don't know where this sudden extra speed has come from, maybe fairy dust on my shoes ... whatever it is, I'm taking it! The weather probably helped, it was a cool morning with soft rain ... and I think the wind helped this morning for most of the run, the last 1km it suddenly was full blast against me, but by then I knew I was nearly home so pushed myself to keep up about the same pace through it. Have I mentioned, I am seriously sick of the wind!

After yesterdays, um slight blow out, in the eating arena - I'm back on track today. Day's menu is planned out, completely ready to roll - lets hope the will power is there too!

Oh, and reading lots of other blogs and seeing what the world has to offer ... I worked out that if Disney has its marathon the same weekend each year that it will be on my Birthday next year ... how awesome would it be to run the Disney marathon on your birthday? Of course I mentioned this to my "darling" husband and he gave me the "what the hell are you going on about woman" look ... he just doesn't get it. Then again, London in April which we're still finding the money for (free trips are really really expensive ;)), I don't think we'd be taking the kids to Disney in January ... not unless that Lotto win finally comes in - but a girl can dream, right?

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