Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm an old 41yo today :) ... but I believe you only worry about your age if you feel like you're missing something in life - and life is good, so I'm happy!

Last year at my surprise 40th Birthday Party I said a quick couple of words (never been one for speeches ;)), but basically said that this decade was going to be MY decade and that it would be all about me ... it would be my decade where I became thin, fit and rich. Well, I wouldn't call myself thin yet, but am 20kg thinner than I was then (plus the 5kg I'd lost before that), wouldn't call myself rich either, but we're not struggling like we were ... but the fit part? Oh yeah baby LOL

Yesterday was Friday which = rest day (and I take that rest day VERY seriously, no running, no delivering and a lovely sleep in!) plus it is also WW weigh in day. Officially I put on weight from the last weigh in a week and half before that, but last weigh in was on a Wednesday and I'd ran, so I always sweat out a few hundred grams ... plus I'd done a hard spin class the night before and I'm sure I was way too dehydrated. Anyway - yesterday's 70.5kg is I'm pretty sure a true weight, I'm going to call it my 2010 start weight :)

This morning I've run my 7.9km block, somehow pressed pause on my Nike+ when I did my usual check of my pace after 1km - so lost about 0.25km before I worked out what I'd done ... I worked out from my average pace that it was 44:12 though ... I think that is my fastest (which makes me more annoyed that I stuffed the Nike!).

Right I'm off to do some delivering this morning on my bike and then David is taking most of the kids to the Phoenix game tonight - I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my cross-stitch and hopefully a good movie on TV (for me, that is Birthday bliss ;)). I hope our lucky kids are appreciative, I took them to the 20/20 last night, soccer tonight ... very lucky indeed!

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