Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darn, another month isn't going to do it!

My shoes that is, my plan was to have my current pair last until about two months before London, and I'd get a new pair at that time, but I don't think they've got just over a month in them. Problem is, I'm not sure I've got over $200 in me to buy the next pair! The inside heel part is falling apart, and more noticeably my knees are suddenly feeling the running - sure sign I would say that the shoes have done their dash. I can't remember when I got them - I think back in about July, definitely the same time as my ipod and since I got my Nike+ attachment which was a few weeks after that, I've run about 750km ... not sure what the scientifc formula is, but I'm pretty sure I've heard 500miles somewhere.

I looked in the sports shop briefly yesterday, I thought my Asics that have done me well were $280, they're actually $260 ... that's a saving of $20.00. The manager came and chatted and said she would give me 10% discount ... so thats a total of $46.00 saving - that makes it sound, ohhhh so much better (hurray for my sister who used to work there, and all my past sport admin work, they know me well in the shop!). *sigh* ... two primary kids to kit out for school in a few weeks, two secondary kids to kit out in a few weeks, and one university big kid who I have an inkling is going to need a bit of financial help in a few weeks. Such is life, we'll get there :)

Onto the training, much more exciting!

I ran my 10km yesterday - tried to keep at a good steady, but not too hard pace and took almost exactly the same time as on Saturday - 56:28 (I think, that is going from memory) ... it's actually not quite 10km, I'm picking I need to add another 30sec on for a proper 10km time - but I'll definitely take it :)

Today was 5km - I made myself (and believe me, it was hard!) not check my pace at all, and just run, good and steady. Got home and it was 27:36, yay! I actually slowed the last couple of km, my legs were tired - running, spin class plus a couple of days of 2 or 3hrs of biking = tired legs!

Right, after 2.5hrs of delivering, plus a spin class ... I am well and truly ready to attach myself to the couch for the evening!


  1. I buy mine from

    Even with shipping it's still cheaper than buying in NZ and the shipping is fast.

  2. I just flipped at the prices and then realized you must mean that in Euro's right? Cuz I've never seen Asics that expensive in the states!

    I heard is a great site too! I buy locally though because I love to support my local store. Loyalty has it's benefits (and discounts!) :)